Client: Marriott
Date: Apr 2018
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Marriott Hotels has launched its Hong Kong Sevens sponsorship campaign, using retired rugby star Sébastien Chabal to play on the event’s dress up ritual, encouraging fans to ‘Stay Brilliant’.

The key video in the campaign presents an ‘innovative’ new wake up call service from the hotel brand, which turns out to be Chabal smashing through a wall in a French maids outfit.

Other videos see Chabal dressing up in ridiculous outfits, not unlike those worn by attendees to the Hong Kong Sevens tournament, singing along to the DJ ötzi song ‘Hey Baby’, as well as offering tips for people to enjoy the event.

The key theme of all the videos and the creative for Marriot International’s sponsorship of the Sevens in Hong Kong is ‘Stay Brilliant’, which hopes to show that Marriott’s focus on innovative, creative services can help people stay brilliant.


Ogilvy Hong Kong