Client: Dove
Date: Aug 2018
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Dove is looking to critique the meaning of ‘I’m fine’ – a phrase usually snapped by insecure teenagers – in an animated series of films celebrating its ongoing partnership with Cartoon Network.

The Unilever brand announced a partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe series in April this year. Working alongside the show's animators and writer, Rebecca Sugar, Dove creates original shorts for broadcast using the show's characters to help educate kids and build body confidence.

The ‘I’m Fine’ campaign has been crafted by Ogilvy to draw attention to the project, using the same medium of cartoons to explore the insecurities felt by four girls in the USA, Brazil, Mexico and France.

The films begin a live action sequence of the teenagers interacting with their family at home before they’re asked how their day has been. Animation then floods the screen and the girls are transformed into avatars of themselves, in a landscape where their hopes and fears are visualised as animated metaphors.

The girls rap their inner thoughts over each cartoon in their local language. Nesida in New York voices her thoughts on everything from her hairstyle to the inherent narcissism of the selfie, for instance.

As the spoken word and animation speed to reach a climax of frustration, live action takes over. The girls reply with a simple phrase: “It was fine.”


Client Brand Team: Sophie Galvani, Dinara Bekmansurova, Hannah Burns

Executive Creative Directors: Andre Laurentino and Gerald Lewis

Creative Team: Matt Nankivell, Vik Kanyo, Ollie Jarrott

TV producer: Lora Jane Brisland

Print producer: Chloe Jahanshahi

Account Team: Cathy Sadiner, Sam Pierce, Georgie Howard, Carmen Vicente Soto

Strategy Team: Sandy Thompson, Joshua Crost

TV Production Company: Sweetshop

Director: Andrew Lang

Producer: Justin Edmund-White

Animation Director: Frankie Swan @ Picasso

Animation Producer: Melissa Venet

DOP: Ula Pontikos

Editor: Gary Forrester @ The Quarry

Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll @ The Mill

Post Producer: Jake Saunders @ Unit

Sound Design: Jamie Thomas @ Unit

Music Supervisor: Big Sync Music

Composers: Huntsmen Music

Photographer: Kitty Gale, represented by Gill Turner