Amnesty International: The Refugee Nation by Ogilvy Group

Date: Jan 2017
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For the first time ever, a refugee team competed in the Olympics. These 10 athletes had no national team, no flag and no anthem to call their own—until now. By partnering with refugees across the globe, we created a life vest-inspired flag, an anthem, and a symbolic nation to represent the athletes and 65 million displaced people worldwide.


Chief creative officer: Corinna Falusi, Alfonso MarianExecutive creative director: Jon Wagner

Creative director: Bastien Baumann, Artur Lipori, Rodrigo Moran, Caro Rebello, Ricard Valero

Senior executive producer; senior executive director: Akiko Nakashima

Associate creative director: Gil Kuruneri

Art director; designer: Justin Au

Art director:Arthur Amiune, Eduardo Lunardi, Belén Márquez, Renato Tagliari

Copywriter: Imen Soltani

Additional credits: Senior executive producer; senior executive director: Akiko Nakashima

Composer: Moutaz Arian

Design director: Lucas Camargo

Designer: Yara Said

Director: Raphael Dias, Guilherme Pau y Biglia, Marcelo Vidal

Executive sound producer: Lucas Sfair

Audio: Canja Audio Culture

Production: Asteroide, SquarePixel

Onnit: Onnit Black Friday

Added 17 November 2018
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