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Dove: Dove Deodrant by Ogilvy

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Dove
Date: Oct 2019
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Dove is celebrating all types of underarms to spread the message that there is no idealized norm.

For years, women's underarm have been criticized if they don't meet the idealized standard set by Greek sculpture: smooth and hairless.

In order to smash the perfect armpit stereotype out the window, Ogilvy and Dove have developed a campaign that celebrates underarms in all their wonderful forms, whether that be hairy, dyed, lasered, tattooed, smooth or glittered. Or even if they have scars, dark marks, moles or vitiligo.

In the campaign, 13 women, from all different backgrounds share their underarm empowerment stories. One lady shares that she wishes the 'ideal underarm' didn't exist.

Another proud woman says point-blank that her underarms do not define her womanhood. Each personal narrative seeks to help women feel confident and uninhibited and to inspire women to show them off, whatever lives underneath.


Client: Unilever

Brand: Dove Deo

Global Brand Vice President: Kathryn Swallow

Global Brand Director: Laura Kleffer

Global Brand Director: Lucy Howdle

Global Senior Brand Manager: Zoe Gardener-Smith

Global Brand Manager: Camille Singer

Agency: Ogilvy UK

Chief Creative Officer: Andre Laurentino

Creative Director: Nancy Vaznonis

Senior Art Director: Matt Nankivell

Senior Copywriter: Ollie Jarrott

Behind the Scenes DOP/Editor: Abbie Fairlie

Global Managing Partner: Anneliese St. Amour

Global Business Director: Madhavi Unni

Global Account Manager: Christopher Smith

Planning Partner: Hannah Wren

Strategist: Yolanda Davis

Agency Producer: Victoria Smith

Agency Producer: Stephanie Warner

Art Producer: Chloe Jahanshahi

Project Manager: Katie Morrell

Director: Lisette Donkersloot

Production Company Executive Producer: Ellie Goodwin

Production Company Producer: Romy Waller

Production Company: Caviar

Photographer: Rebecca Naen

Print Producer: Matt Davey

Print Production Company: Probation Agency

DOP: David Bird

Editor: Laura Cairney-Keize

Colour: The Mill – Thomas Mangham

Online: The Mill – Matthew “Wispy” Clarke & Richard Payne

Design Team: The Mill – Freya Barnsley & Kenny Addeh

Sound: Factory – Jack Hallett

Post Producer: The Mill – James Yeo

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