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Ogilvy: CIMB You-Sang, We-Sang

Client: Ogilvy
Date: Jan 2019
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CMIB bank has decided on humour as the route to people’s hearts this Chinese, as it tells a story mocking the competitive claims over the origins of Yee Sang (or Yu Sheng) in its festive ad.

In a cinematic style, set stylishly in the 40s, the ad tells the story of an impeccable restauranteur that kept customers waiting with his attention to detail. The fable tells of a family who, in their rush to eat the delicious food, mixed together the ingredients the chef would painstakingly put together himself.

Yee Sang is a dish mostly eaten in South East Asia among the Chinese community during Chinese New Year. Each ingredient represents good luck in different areas of life and a ritual has developed around the creation, and eventual destruction, of the food and is now a core part of Chinese New Year celebrations for many.


Creative Director: Jarrod Reginald, Pashyn Sethna

Copywriters: Andrew Perera, Naomi Hon, Sheena Sidhu, Joceline Yan

Art Directors: Michele Wong, Aaron Liau

Managing Partner: Nizwani Shahar

Account Management: Melanie Mei, Chloe Chuah, Helena Siew

Program Director: Julie Saw

AV Director: Eric Yan

AV Producer: Loo Seng Tuck

Art Buyer Manager: Mandy Lee

Film Director: Maurice Noone

Executive Producer: Patminder Singh

Director of Photography: Julian Oh

Producer: Heng Deshen

Audio Production: TwoAM

Post Production: VHQ

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