Date: Sep 2021
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To mark the UN International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste today, food waste fighting company Oddbox has applied for its ‘newly founded country’, Wasteland, to become a member state of the UN, to make people sit up and understand the role that food waste has to play in climate change. Wasteland comes as part of Oddbox’s new integrated campaign, working alongside Splendid Communications.

Oddbox has taken on the role of lead spokesperson of Wasteland and if the country’s letter of application to become a UN member state is successful, Oddbox would use its seat at the table to call on world leaders to help achieve four key aims in pursuit of halving food waste by 2030, addressing issues at every stage of the food supply chain:

#1 Educate all on the impact of food waste on climate change

#2 End retailer rejection of produce based on shape & colour; only 21% of UK adults say that they’d shun fruit and veg that looked ‘odd’

#3 Encourage retailers to stock what’s been grown and allow people to embrace the joy of eating what’s on ‘nature’s menu

#4 Measure & report on food waste across the supply chain, including at farm level; only 3% of UK adults are aware that farms generate the biggest amount of food waste globally and almost a third (32%) believe that supermarkets and retail are the most problematic

The brand is also calling on Alok Sharma to put food waste and its impact on climate change on the agenda at COP26 in November - the last real chance for world leaders to discuss solutions to the ongoing climate crisis. As it stands, food waste is not on the agenda for leaders, despite it being identified as the number one issue to tackle in order to stop the planet getting 2 degrees warmer by 2100. Four-in-five UK adults (83%) agree that it should be talked about, and 71% believe the government needs to do more to tackle food waste.