Agency: Oberland
Client: Blockchain
Date: Aug 2019
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William Shatner is a pretty recognizable guy, both in face and voice, so the thought of him robbing a bank is fairly absurd. Which is one reason why chose the Star Trek and TJ Hooker star to promote its new cryptocurrency exchange, called The Pit., a provider of cryptocurrency products, including a crypto wallet, launched a global campaign behind its new crypto exchange, The Pit, which it claims is the fastest in the world.

A video starring Shatner is the centerpiece of the campaign and it takes aim at the poor user experiences some may have using other cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

In the spot, Shatner and an accomplice would-be robber stage a bank hold-up to get cash. The unusually calm teller informs them that the way to really grow their portfolios would be through trading currency in The Pit. While the bumbling thieves huddle and are visibly perplexed by what the teller suggests, Shatner shares that he tried trading crypto in the past but gave up because the exchange was so slow. His accomplice reminds him of the frustrations that came from being locked out of their accounts. As the robbery falls apart, the screen fades to a text over that states “Don’t get held up, level up in The Pit.”


Agency: Oberland

Client: (The Pit)