Agency: Oatly
Client: Oatly
Date: Jan 2021
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Oatly, the original Swedish oat drink company, has launched its first UK TV and VOD campaign, plus its biggest ever print, social and digital activation - Help-Dad. With research revealing how middle-aged men are the least likely segment of society to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, the campaign is designed to help teenagers talk to their dads about eating and drinking more sustainably.

Help Dad kicks off with an ITV Proudly Presents partnership, to premiere two 40-second TVCs. To engage a cross-generational audience, Oatly’s ads run back-to-back during ITV’s primetime The Voice UK, at 9.15pm on Saturday 16 January.

Developed by Oatly Department of Mind Control and produced by Smuggler, the four TVCs created for the campaign show typically British family settings with narratives that flip the classic ‘teenager vs parent’ relationship on its head. Instead of the parents showing concern at the teens’ behaviour, it’s the youngsters who want to talk to dads about their scary levels of dairy drinking.