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Sao Paulo City Hall: Being Visible by Nova/sb

Agency: Nova/sb
Date: Apr 2018
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The streets of São Paulo, Brazil are populated by some 20,000 homeless people. Many of them have pets, and most homeless shelters don't accept pets, which is why São Paulo's City Hall is now reaching out to these people with street art to tell them about shelters that now accept pets.

São Paulo's public shelters remain with empty beds every day because many of the homeless do not want to abandon their dogs. Now, the new units accept and guarantee space for the pets, but misinformation left the beds still empty while hundreds of people continue to sleep on the sidewalks.

Since most homeless people don't have smartphones or access to television or internet, São Paulo City Hall decided to create a new communication channel, with a direct impact to the homeless people. Inviting five different street artists, they transformed the roof of viaducts and other places that only homeless people can see in a direct and effective media.


Client: São Paulo City Hall

Title: Being Visible

Agency: nova/sb

Creative Director: Átila Francucci

Copywriter: André Pessoa

Art Director: Caio Grafietti

Agency Producers: Anna Böhm e Thais Castrioto

Accounting: Ana Rangel, Karina Meneses e Ana Paula Galhardo

Media: David Chalub, Katia Badamo, Thyessa Benincasa e Luiza Pereira

Production Company: Digital 21

Director: Vitor Amati

Executive Production: Rodolfo Patrocinio

Photography: Vitor Amati

Sound: Saxofunny

Sound director: Zezinho Mutarelli