Date: May 2017
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Norges (Norway) Bank has taken a unique approach to public service announcements and released a sea-themed music video to spread the word about its new 200-krone banknote.

The comedy spot features three of Norway’s most celebrated comedians – Knut Lystad, Lars Mjøen and Jon Niklas Rønning – as well as a rap from DJ Codfather and a cameo from central bank governor Øystein Olsen. The nautical theme pays homage to the 200-krone bill prominently featuring a codfish.

Non-Norweigan speakers may find the video hard to understand as, according to a spokesperson from the bank, “it includes many rhymes and references to Norwegian popular culture unknown to an international audience”. However, roughly translated, the song is about the Norwegian cod coming in from the sea and being transformed by Norges into money.

The spot, which is a remake of a 1980s comic tune, is the brainchild of Norges Bank’s communication department. The team enlisted Lystad, Mjøen and Rønning to pen new lyrics and record the song with composer Ketil Schei, while the video was recorded at Norges Bank, the First Hotel Grims Grenka and the port of Oslo in April.

“The response we have gotten have far exceeded our expectations, with over 220 000 views on Facebook and YouTube combined so far,” Andreas Andersen, head of communications at Norges Bank, told The Drum. “Comments are overwhelmingly positive, and many have expressed positive surprise to see a central bank using relatively unconventional methods (in a central bank context) to spread knowledge about the new banknote series.

“We are very pleased that so many are enjoying the video, as we certainly had fun making it together with the fabulous comedy trio Lystad-Mjøen-Rønning and their professional team.”



Helge Lyngstad

Light, sound and camera

Cato Johansen


Knut Lystad

Lars Mjøen

Jon Niklas Rønning

Ketil Schei


Andreas Andersen

Bård Ove Molberg

Nils Stian Aasheim