Date: Aug 2020
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Rio Heavy Flow Pads by Nobel Hygiene is set to change the face of Indian Advertising by launching their TVC with a campaign that resolves the decades-old and misleading practice of showing blue liquid instead of blood.

Rio Pads becomes the first product in the country to show red blood in TV communications, to bring forth an important and often neglected topic of “Heavy Flow” during periods; a problem which affects almost 25% women in India and requires them to change their pads every 2 hours. In some cases, women change up to 8-10 pads a day because of heavy flow. The first phase of the launch in Feb was paused after several complaints were filed with ASCI on the usage of blood shown in the commercial.

Nobel Hygiene submitted extensive research documents to sustain all the insights related to periods and the problems that women face because of heavy flow. After deliberations with ASCI and an independent review, the complaints filed with ASCI have not succeeded and Rio Pads have been allowed to air the advertisement with minor modifications in the second phase of the launch.


Agency: The Womb