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Biden For President by Nice Shoes

Agency: Nice Shoes
Date: Jan 2021
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Creative production studio Nice Shoes has announced their creative involvement in Joe Biden’s presidential election campaign.

The studio formed a small, dedicated team of artists and producers to handle post production for the crucial final stretch of the Biden campaign, beginning with a series of films at the Democratic National Convention and continuing right up until Election Day, delivering over 20 spots along with variations and cutdowns.

The 2020 US presidential election has been an explosive topic of conversation in the media with both Biden and Trump going all out on their content strategies. Unlike many other political races, the two candidates were not only communicating with potential voters, but battling against the onslaught of content from each other and each other's supporters 24 hours a day.

The Biden campaign required partners who could deliver a high volume of content on fast deadlines in order to be nimble and respond to any topic that came up along the campaign trail almost instantaneously.