Date: Apr 2019
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The National Lottery has unveiled the second film in its content partnership with Jungle Creations' new creative agency, The Wild. As part of its 25th birthday celebrations, the films raise awareness to the various projects the National Lottery organises for 16-25 year-olds.

As part of the collaboration, 'The Wild' has created an original two-part docu-series, three social videos as well as a number of articles which draws attention to the £30m a week that the National Lottery donates as part of its Good Causes initiative.

The first film in the docu-series entitled 'Project Celt' was released at the beginning of April. It follows the young woman Beth Lewis who suffers from apert syndome. In the film, she talks about her experiences of bullying and low self-esteem, and how through Good Causes, she got involved with Project Celt - a centre for equine therapy.

Following on from the first film ‘Project Celt’, the second film in the series ‘From Peckham to Podium’ follows 18 year-old BMX rider, Kye Whyte, who is training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the hopes of becoming a member of Team GB.

Born and raised in Peckham, Whyte started BMXing at the age of six and with the support and sacrifices his parents have made he has since won nine British Championships and six national championships.

The film shows how Whyte is able to train full-time as a result of National Lottery funding.