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NHS: Stay At Home by MullenLowe

Agency: MullenLowe
Client: NHS
Date: Apr 2020
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As coronavirus cases increase by the day, the NHS has urgently adapted its strategy to make the 'Stay Home' message harder hitting by featuring footage of frontline staff.

Created by MullenLowe, the latest campaign parks the chief medical officer’s direct address in favour of real footage of NHS workers at the frontline, reminding those at home of the severity of the crisis.

The film also features real clips from other aspects of the ongoing pandemic, including those clapping in support of the health service, abandoned streets due to lockdown, those taking food responsibly to vulnerable adults, and people taking their one hour of exercise a day.

While this change of direction ditches Chris Witty's address, actor Mark Strong's voice is still present.

Against the backdrop of footage, his reads out: "Coronavirus is a national emergency – life-threatening for people of all ages, everywhere in the UK. To help save lives, stay home.

"Only go outside for food, health reasons or work – but only if you cannot work from home. Stay home. Anyone can get it and anyone can spread it – stay home. Protect the NHS front-line staff working to save lives."

The work is accompanied by display and social media activity that urges people to 'act like you've got it.'

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