Date: Mar 2016
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Exactly one week on from International Women’s Day a new film reveals the reality of gender stereotyping amongst primary school children. The two minute film was shot on location at Whitstable Junior School in Kent with 20 children between the ages of 5 and 7.

When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female.

The ‘Redraw The Balance’ video provocatively captures how, early on in their education, children already define career opportunities as male and female.


Chief Creative Officer: Dave Henderson

Executive Creative Director: Richard Denney

Senior Creative Team: Katrina Encanto, Edgar Galang

Additional Credits: Account Director: Isobel Dighe

Agency Producer: Lucy Jay

Agency Designer: Ryan Self

Agency Editor: Martin Bridge

Production Company: Burger

Director: Matt Huntley

Producer: Alan Traquair

Line Producer: Simon Brooksbank

DOP: Tom Wright

Editor: Jack Foxton

Post Production: Unit

Audio Post Production: Unit