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El Tiempo: The News Won't Change Until The World Does by MullenLowe Group

Client: El Tiempo
Date: Apr 2021
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Over the years, the world has fought for justice, with many of these fights still ongoing today. The media has been in charge of covering and bringing to light these struggles but as the years go by, the news is still the same. We are still faced with racism, inequality, illegal abortion, war, freedom of the press, corruption, human rights and thousands of issues that have been in the news for years.

El Tiempo, the largest newspaper in Colombia, in its 110-year edition wanted to send an important message: the news is still the same and we have to do something to change it.

Together with MullenLowe SSP3, it has launched a print campaign featuring a series of photographs from protests in different cities, at different times, but with the same fight.


Client: El Tiempo Newspaper

Agency: MullenLowe SSP3, Bogotà

Chief Executive Officer: Francisco Samper

Executive Creative Directors: Juan David Pardo, Diego Muñoz & Carlos Andrés Rodriguez

Art Directors: Julian Olivares & Laura Arcila

Production Manager: Diego Aguilera