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Burger King and Budweiser: Whassup 2018 by MullenLowe & David

Date: Jun 2018
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Burger King and Budweiser are celebrating summer with the launch of the American Brewhouse King sandwich, as well as a special crown for fans of both brands.

To promote the collaboration, Burger King restaurants are featuring a remake of Budweiser’s original ‘Whassup’ commercial with a special cameo from The King himself – introducing a new generation to the unforgettable catchphrase. While the spot features the same three guys at the beginning, saying the phrase to each other while sharing Budweisers over a (corded) phone conversation, the end brings in the King character at the door saying ‘Whassup’ into the door speaker with his tongue out and holding a basket of Brewhouse King sandwiches.

In addition, as part of the alliance, Burger King created a limited-edition ‘Freedom Crown’ for anyone 21 or older, which holds both an American Brewhouse King sandwich and a Budweiser beer in a ridiculous balancing act.

On a more serious note in the partnership, the two companies came out in proud support of veterans and their families. A video celebrates the veteran employees of both brands, with vets talking about their service and how proud they are to work for companies that support them and their fellow soldiers.


Agencies: MullenLowe, David

Clients: Burger King, Budweiser