Client: Stonewall
Date: Jun 2018
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As this year’s Pride season gets into full swing, Stonewall, the LGBTQ+ charity, is calling on people up and down Britain to show their support for the community everywhere, with a campaign focused on creating change in local communities.

Stonewall is attending more than 30 Prides events this year from Cardiff to Manchester, Lincoln to Aberdeen. The campaign to support this, devised by independent creative agency Mr President, is the next phase in Stonewall’s ‘Come Out for LGBT’ awareness campaign.

Stonewall is asking attendees to ’Come Out for LGBT’ by making specific commitments to be a visible ally to LGBTQ+ people. These messages will then be used in the campaign as it continues to roll out over the summer.

The campaign includes a 30-second cinema ad, localised out of home, as well as a print and digital collaboration with The Financial Times. The cinema ad is particularly powerful; beginning with a dark screen and no visuals, it uses Dolby surround sound mixing to carry the voices of allies’ messages of support, making it sound like they are in the audience. The print and outdoor ads will feature messages of support from allies.


Laura JordanBambach - Chief Creative Officer & Partner - Mr President

Shahla Lalani - Chief Operating Officer & Partner - Mr President

Kenny Nicholson - Head of Brand Planning - Mr President

Vicky Mockler - Senior Account Manager - Mr President

Jon Clarke - Head of Production - Mr President

Hananha Willers - Production Assistant - Mr President

Stefan Dezou, Elliott Shiels, Sarah Hardcastle - Creatives - Mr President

Dan Viveiros - Head of Design - Mr President

David Clulow - Senior Designer - Stonewall

Rachel Stein - Executive Director of Campaigns & Strategy - Stonewall

Paul Twocock - Director of Campaigns, Policy & Research - Stonewall

Louise Smith - Director of Fundraising & Customer Engagement - Stonewall

Lucy Abell - Director of Communications - Stonewall

Jo Garwood -Digital Manager - Stonewall

Dean McNamara -Senior Designer - Stonewall

Angela Bryan-Brown - Campaigns Officer - Stonewall

Robbie de Santos - Head of Campaigns - Stonewall