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Date: Dec 2021
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Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White has returned to our TV screens in an appeal to drinkers to mind their manners when ordering a Stella Artois this December.

In tribute to hard-pressed hospitality workers during the Christmas party season, the drink brand has rebadged itself ’Stella Please’ in an effort to encourage drinkers to be more considerate.

The public service announcement offers customers £1 off their pint for simply saying ‘please‘ when ordering a Stella at select venues. For each pint ordered over the month, Stella Artois will also make a donation to Hospitality Action to provide more tangible support for those on the frontline of the service economy.

Fronting the campaign with a flurry of expletives carefully drowned out by the pouring of a pint, Pierre White swears like a trooper to put rude customers in their place and demonstrate that it does pay to have good manners.

The messaging is born out of research commissioned by Stella from YouGov indicating that 41% of hospitality workers fear that customers will be ruder this Christmas, with 40% reporting a deterioration in manners since lockdown restrictions were lifted.