Client: Postmates
Date: May 2019
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Postmates has enlisted entrepreneur, food icon and television personality, Martha Stewart for a series of humorous TV ads in the goods delivery company’s first national television campaign.

The real-life scenarios with Stewart show that life in the kitchen isn’t always perfect and sometimes you just need to ‘Postmate it.’

The series of films, rolling out throughout the summer, are the next phase in Postmates’ new brand campaign which is designed to highlight how Postmates is a part of people’s everyday lives and understands the conveniences people require in today’s modern world. The campaign was created by Postmates’ newly announced creative agency of record, Mother Los Angeles and the new TV spots were directed by Andreas Nilsson.

In one spot, Stewart is seen preparing Thai chicken wings. Cut to a woman following along in her kitchen. Stewart says, “First, set your oven to broil, and remember that’s where you keep your sweaters.” The woman shrieks as she rushes to the oven to pull out a smoking sweater. Stewart then says, “You know what, just Postmate it.” Another spot shows Stewart in her lavish kitchen getting ready to make pasta carbonara with fresh eggs. Cut to a guy in his dark kitchen getting eggs out of the refrigerator only to see that there are none left. His slovenly roommate is stuffing all of them in his face in disgusting fashion. Stewart then recommends he “Postmate it.”


Agency: Mother LA

Client: Postmates