Agency: Mother
Client: KFC
Date: Jul 2017
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KFC has shifted its creative to focus on its locally sourced, 100% poultry credentials, unveiling a new TVC featuring a badass strutting chicken and a supporting campaign.

The Whole Chicken is the first work for KFC from Mother, which ended the fast food chain’s 15-year relationship with BBH when it won the account in March. The agency was briefed to highlight how KFC outlets only use fresh, locally sourced chicken from 500 UK and Irish Red Tractor Assured farms.

The new ad introduces an unflappable real chicken, which sashays around a barn to X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX in the style of a 90s rap music video. The film was shot entirely on camera over the course of two weeks in partnership with production company Knucklehead.

The TVC, which airs during The Handmaid’s Tale tonight (16 July), is supported by out of home, PR, social media and in store. Mother has additionally commissioned a an ever-transforming piece of street art in London’s Shoreditch, which will be repainted each day by graffiti artists including Insa, McBess, Shotopop and Barrass to imitate the KFC’s constant preparation of fresh chicken.

The mural will be shared on social media, while passers-by will be able to make the colourful chicken come to life via Insa’s AR-driven Gif-iti app. Traditional outdoor features photography by James Day and the new strapline ‘the chicken, the whole chicken and nothing but the chicken’.


Agency: Mother

Creative Director: Mother

Art Director: Mother

Copywriter: Mother

Strategy: Mother

Production Company: Knucklehead

Director: Siri Bunford

Producer: Matthew Brown

Production Manager: Guy Fuhrer

DoP: Daniel Landin

Animal Handler: Guillaume Grange

Chicken Choreographer: Natricia Bernard

Production Designer: Kave Quinn

Editor: Xavier Perkins

Stills Photographer: James Day

Music: X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX