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Ikea: Lion by Mother

Agency: Mother
Client: Ikea
Date: Jul 2017
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Ikea has unveiled a TVC promoting the relaxing qualities of the living room, appointing the character of ‘Lion Man’ as its star.

Much like the rest of his species (the advert tells us), Lion Man spends up to 18 hours a day relaxing. In the film, which comes in 60-second and 20-second form, he’s seen reading, taking a nap, sipping on juice and watching fellow lions on the small screen, all the while recharging his batteries for when he’s needed to strike.

When the time comes, he’s faced not with a herd of wildebeest or a rival pride, but with the similarly terrifiying prospect of a children’s party. The Swedish tones of Rikard Wolf encourage the audience to “relax into greatness” via voiceover.


Director: Us

Production Company: Academy Films

Production Company Executive Producer: Lizie Gower

Production Company Producer: Lucy Gossage

Director of Photography: Patrick Duroux

Editing: Stitch / Editor: Bill Smedey @ Work Post

Post House: MPC

Sound House: 750mph

Music Track: By The Sleepy Lagoon