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Bodily: Bodily branding by Mother Design

Client: Bodily
Date: Nov 2019
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Bodily is empowering women to take control of their health through educational content and modern products backed by clinical research and designed to make her feel great, inside and out. Beginning with post-birth, Bodily offers new parents and their support teams a modernized roadmap for what to expect -- from birth recovery to breastfeeding -- and modern products to help them through it.

Bodily is the product of Tovah Haim, a professional and new parent who was rocked by the birth of her first born. After having her son via C-section, she realized how blindsided she was with the lack of information around the physical implication of giving birth and the recovery from pregnancy. Furthermore, she felt the products that she had to purchase to help her through that period felt archaic and poorly designed.

Like the founders of Bodily, Mother Design wanted to give consumers something better in this space. And while women led brands have taken off in the market, specifally brands tackling the once invisibile issues (reproductive, sex health) they’re all starting to look the same. So they wanted to push against that.


Agency: Mother Design

Client: Bodily