Agency: Mother
Date: Feb 2021
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Beats by Dre has launched a visual campaign that uses Chinese illustration to tell four stories around the insight that the year of the Rat shifted people’s perspective away from monetary value.

As the year moves into the Ox Beats by Dre, and its agency Mother, wanted to tell stories that show how people may be prioritising their experiences in new ways, all while promoting its Beats Flex product.

The target audience is younger consumers that will be planning trips home to see their families this year and the images tell stories that the brand hopes they will resonate with.

For example, one image tells the story of a gamer that has managed to turn his passion into a career. Another shows a strong female athlete that is proving that you don’t need to have a small frame, as is expected for women.

Mother worked with Inji Seo on the illustrations, adding a more modern aesthetic to the illustrations than would be expected from traditional Nian Hua-influenced imagery.


Client: Beats China

Campaign: Beats Flex

Agency: Mother Shanghai

Creative: Mother Shanghai

Strategy: Mother Shanghai

Typographer: HeFan

Illustrator: Inji Seo

Production Company: Hamlet China

Producer: Duffy Du

Executive Producer: Yimeng Zhang

Production Coordinator (Seoul): Simon Yi

Retoucher: Allen Chew