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More Labs: So you don’t feel like sh*t after drinking alcohol

Client: More Labs
Date: Sep 2019
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More Labs' Morning Recovery is any person's insurance policy against rough mornings after drinking. Whether you've had one, or one too many, it's designed to reduce alcohol’s negative effects and help you bounce back after drinking — without the symptoms.

Just one bottle before, during, or after drinking will leave you feeling right as rain when that pesky alarm goes off. Morning Recovery contains DHM, a natural ingredient derived from the Japanese raisin tree. When you drink, alcohol is broken down by your liver into a toxin called acetaldehyde — which is responsible for the headaches and nausea you feel the next day. The highly-soluble DHM used in Morning Recovery accelerates the removal of acetaldehyde in your liver, so your body can flush it out faster and you can get back to normal.

A brand video, by the company's in-house content studio, explains the process with science and some winking wit.

The campaign video will run on YouTube and on Facebook and Instagram with shorter cuts. The goal of the campaign was to draw attention to the all-too-relatable modern-day hangover. Even though it presents itself differently in these distinctive characters, it's a universal feeling almost everyone has experienced.


Director: Stefano Anania

Writer: James Chen

Producer: Stefano Anania

Director of Photography: Clifton Stommel

Production Advisor: Suraj Davé

Production Company: More Labs in-house production

Hair & Make-up Artist: Sierra Barton

Post Production Supervisor: James Chen

Editor: Stefano Anania

Art Director: Stefano Anania

Animation: Misha Frolov & Michael Kazanowski

More Labs CEO: Sisun LeeCAST:

Scientist: Danielle Heaton

Girlfriend: Georgia Fowkes

Boss: Kyle Williams

Mother: Tricia Campbell

Bro 1: Benjamin Welch

Bro 2: Collin Miller

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