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M&M'S: M&M's Messages

Client: M&M'S
Date: Feb 2020
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M&M's are getting a new look to encourage people to celebrate, connect and find humor in life's everyday moments through the voices of the beloved spokescandies.

As a part of the M&M's Messages program, the brand is launching 36 uniquely-themed packages with messages ranging from, "You make mama proud," to "Congrats on that thing you did," and "I love being socially awkward with you," M&M's has a saying for every person, feeling and occasion. If you've been looking for the perfect way to say something to your friend, coworker or loved one, now you can 'Let M Say it for You.'

Through these specially designed packs, M&M's continues to create innovative ways for consumers to experience the iconic brand and the distinct personalities of the cast of characters. M&M's Messages also tap into the social behaviors of the next generation, known for relying on humor to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

In addition to the new Messages featuring everyday occasions, the brand is giving audiences even more to gush over alongside celebrities, movies and red carpet looks this award season with a chance to get their hands on an exclusive M&M's Messages-themed entertainment box for Hollywood's biggest night.

To launch the new M&M’s Messages campaign, the brand took its own spin on moments during the Oscars, including the red carpet, speeches, winners and the after parties with real-time ads.

M&M’s Messages are fun, witty expressions that best describe how you’re feeling or thinking at the moment. Shared with friends and family, M&M’S Messages spark laughter and connection. Following their Hollywood debut, M&M’S Messages can now be found on shelves at retailers across the country.

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