Level 5 Abby: Layton's Mystery Journey by Mistress

Agency: Mistress
Client: Level 5 Abby
Date: Jul 2017
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This puzzle-solving rodent was created by independent L.A. advertising agency Mistress in less than three weeks to promote the New Layton Series Mystery Game.

The Layton mystery game series from Level 5 Abby has been enthralling and perplexing fans for almost a decade on Nintendo 3DS. But to launch the first game in the series ever to be available on mobile devices, Mistress realized that Level 5 Abby had to do something big, or, rather, something small.

In its newest ad, Mistress created a sneaky, puzzle-solving hamster to play the role of the protagonist. The production wasn’t easy, requiring live-action, 3D animation and special effects, which typically take months from concept to production. However, with the launch of the game around the corner, Mistress teamed up with SF/Seoul-based Puppetar to create to complete the entire spot in just three weeks.

The spot will be released globally in over four languages, with placements both on television and online. It lands amidst a broader social media campaign created by Mistress that has reignited fans’ passions for the series leading up to the game’s release.


Executive Creative Director, Partner: Damien Eley

Strategist, Partner: Christian Jacobson

Executive Director of Integrated Brand Management: Victoria Edwards

Creatives: Adam Wagner & Liz Levine

Sr. Brand Manager: Kylie Wu

Project Manager: Berna Dikicioglu

Director of Production: Dave Horowitz

Production Credits

Production Company: Bastard Productions

Producer: Jack Zegarski

DOP: Evan Papageorgiou

1st Camera Assistant: Seth Gallagher

Gaffer: Patrick Walter

DIT: Daniel Woiwode

VTR: Claude Shires

Production Manager: Maria Thompkins

Leadman/Art Director: Chad Tomlinson

Art PA: Nick Delgado

Wardrobe: Anna Su

Hair/Nails: Sreynin Peng

Key PA: Taz Luke

PA: Kim Vorse

PA: Joel Seidl

PA: David Herrera

PA: Sean Pritchett

VFX: Wolverine

VFX Supervisor: Chuck Dulin

CGI/Animation: Puppetar

Chief Creative Officer: Jae Chael Hong

Producer: Scott Coulter

Color/Finishing: Unreel Media

Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios

Music Composition: Ari Balouzian

Talent: Ashlynn Yennie

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