Allergan: Learn About Alz

Client: Allergan
Date: Jan 2018
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Allergan, a global biopharmaceutical company, has introduced a new awareness initiative for Alzheimer’s disease with ‘Hold on to Hope,’ a video that calls on caregivers to rediscover hope and urgency, while also portraying the brutal, irreversible and destructive symptoms associated with the disease.

In the spot, an older man is in a room with light bulbs extended just beyond his reach. As he holds up his hand to the lights, they break as a voice over says: “Alzheimer’s is a thief. It steals memories…but every day is a chance to fight for light…with Alzheimer’s, hope is found in the smallest of moments.” At the end, the spot encourages people to go to the Learn About Alz website to learn more.

'Hold On To Hope' changes the narrative around Alzheimer’s disease by showing an understanding for the commitment of caregivers, while providing encouragement in a space where they often feel like giving up.


Client: Allergan

Agency: Mission

Director: Rupert Cresswell

Production: MPC Creative

Head of Production: Ryan Creighton

Line Producer: Colin Lewis

Director of Photography: Alexander Dynan

VFX producer: Paulina Salazar

Editor: John Shafto

Colorist: Adrian Seery

VFX Supervisor: Rob Walker

Music + Sound: Nylon Studios New York, Sydney

Sound Designer: Stuart St Vincent Welch

Engineer/ Mixer: Rob Ballingall

Original Music: Louis Schwadron

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