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Capri Sun: We're Sorry It's Not Juice by Mischief @ No Fixed Address

Client: Capri Sun
Date: Aug 2020
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Capri Sun is filling its iconic juice pouches with filtered water to help students stay hydrated as they face an unrecognizable school return—a solution that’s sure to please parents and disappoint kids.

With water fountains closed, the brand has teamed up with school districts in its own backyard of Chicagoland and Granite City, where its factory is located, to donate around five million filtered water pouches to schools.

'We’re Sorry It’s Not Juice,' a campaign created in partnership with Mischief @ No Fixed Address, is part of the solution to a problem millions of families across America and beyond are facing as Covid-19 continues to cause disruption this back-to-school season. It launches with a 30-second hero video capturing the confused, defeated and borderline-angry reactions of children who were told to give an honest review of Capri Sun filtered water.


Brand: The Kraft Heinz Company

Vikramjeet Singh, VP Marketing, Strategy and Development

Naor Daneili, Head of Kids Hydration

Rachel Drof, Marketing Director


Editor Will Hasell

Assistant Editor Max Hoffman

Producer Arlene Perez

EP/Partner Sila Soyer


Founder CCO Greg Hahn

ACD James Leak

ACD Dylan Wagman

VP Content Will Dempster

President Kerry McKibbin

Business Manager Leila Chee


Director Marian Mathias

Executive Producer Avtar Khalsa

Head of Production Alex Brinkman

Producer Sara Bailin

ONLINE/GFX: Luke Bellissimo @ Feather

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