Agency: Mirum
Date: Aug 2019
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Mirum Helsinki is launching Creative Essence – an entirely new brand – to create a one-of-a-kind recruitment campaign as part of their talent acquisition strategy. The recruitment campaign aims to reach creatives in the advertising and design industry globally in an unconventional way.

Creative Essence is a bespoke perfume with an unexpected main ingredient. Sweat. (Yes. You read that right – they really did put their sweat in it).

And why launch a new brand? Mirum Helsinki is an experience agency – building brands and businesses via digital, physical and social experiences. The creation of the essence involved multidisciplinary talent from all areas of the agency. The concept itself is a memorable experience-case that invites people on a sensory brand journey.

Creative Essence is a unique blend of curiosity, passion and sweat mixed with Nordic ingredients and design. It’s a true celebration of diversity, ambition and the culture of Mirum Helsinki as each employee has been involved in the project by donating a drop of their sweat in the hopes of “seducing” brand new colleagues.

The easiest way to experience the essence is by uploading your portfolio to the campaign website. Receiving one of the limited-edition Creative Essence samples is an official invitation to meet the Mirumees of Helsinki.


Mirum Helsinki