Peloton: On to the Next by Mekanism

Agency: Mekanism
Client: Peloton
Date: Aug 2018
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Peloton has revived the home stationary bike craze by adding on-screen classes, and it continues to motivate those who want to work out on their time with a new spot from Mekanism.

The spot, titled ‘Onto the Next,’ is an ode to those who want to be challenged. In the spot, all types of people in all sorts of homes are seen getting on their Peloton cycle, working out as Jay Z’s On to the Next One thumps in rhythm. A voice-over says, “Maybe I’m a division one athlete, or a father of two…” then goes on to state that it doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, “maybe all that matters, is what I do next.” The action from the cyclists grows more intense with the music and viewers are meant to be motivated to get on and start pedaling.

The company offers 14 live rides per day and on-demand library of thousands of class options, giving Peloton’s nearly one million members plenty of chances to get into shape. The company stated in a release that in 2018, the average rider is completing 15%-plus more workouts per month than they were a year ago. This notion of taking on what’s next, no matter what they’ve already accomplished, is the driving force behind new work.

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