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Babbel: Understanding Changes Everything by MediaMonks

Agency: MediaMonks
Client: Babbel
Date: Jan 2021
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Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language learning app, has now launched a new global brand campaign for January, focussing on the transformational effects that come with knowing another language.

Highlighting the claim 'Understanding Changes Everything', two new TV Spots have been created to show how small interactions in other languages can have profound effects on a personal and professional level.

This adds to one of Babbel’s core brand messages: to inspire conversations that transform your world. The campaign has been developed based on research and market tests conducted via the research institute IPSOS, and it’s the first collaboration between Babbel and the award-winning Amsterdam-based production company Media Monks, together with creative director Charlotte Moore.



Year: 2021

Title: Understanding Changes Everything

Cuts: 30 sec + 20 sec + 10 sec

Director: Marie Schuller

DOP: Neus Olle

Executive Producer: Bernd Out

Senior Producer: Rogier Dorant

Line Producer MediaMonks: Laura Diez

Producer Babbel: Ethel Garrigues

Production company: Tantor Films

Script: Charlotte Moore

Editor: Marie Schuller

Colorist: Jax Harney

Sound Design: Media Monks

Photographer: Berta Pfirsich


Music: Media Monks

Soundtrack title: Babbel Warm Vibes

Publisher: Big Sync

Scripts in other languages:

DEU: Katharina Günther

FRA: Hélène Gicquel

SPA: Maria Sicilia

ITA: Sara Garizzo

POR: Eduardo Boldrini