Client: Kool-Aid
Date: May 2018
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Kool-Aid Man is promoting a new product, Kool-Aid Sparklers, in a new social campaign.

While the pitcher-shaped character still rumbles out his signature phrase, "Oh yeah," he finds himself in more relaxed situations in a series of 15-second spots and social media activations.

The latest creative campaign featuring the iconic man in red promotes Sparklers, a new beverage for older kids and teens that combines the traditional flavors of Kool-Aid with bubbles in a sleek can.

To reach teens, a new audience segment for the brand, the new campaign creative leverages popular teen content trends like unboxing videos and drones to break through with a social-obsessed audience. In one spot, a drone piloted by a teen lands in Kool-Aid Man's pitcher, making bubbles, while another finds him unboxing a hand mixer, then using it to stir up some bubbles in his pitcher.

On the social front, Kool-Aid Man is also crashing relevant platforms like Snapchat and Giphy to reach teens in the places they frequent. The brand is launching two new and interactive lenses on Snapchat and putting Kool-Aid Man gifs on the Giphy keyboard to drive continued relevance with teens.


Agency: Mcgarrybowen

Brand: Kool-Aid