Date: Aug 2019
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American Express has debuted a new ad spot that evokes real emotions from real people, in life moments both big and small, to visually depict the brand’s positioning, 'Backing to Thrive'.

All shot from behind, the ad spot takes a new, and very literal approach, to how the company puts its customers at its center and has their backs throughout their lives, in both life and business. The anthemic piece spotlights real, everyday people experiencing beautiful and authentic interactions through their relationships, from a father dancing with his real daughter, to a mother holding her own newborn baby, to even a violinist at a school recital to a performance on a theater main stage to open and close the spot.

The ad is timed to American Express’ annual major presence at the US Open. It was directed by Max Malkin, notable film director from Pretty Bird Production.

The song heard throughout the spot is an original orchestral recording of The Joke by Brandi Carlile.



American Express

Director: Max Malkin