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Verizon: Real Good Reasons by McCann & The Community

Client: Verizon
Date: Feb 2019
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In its upcoming set of ads debuting during the Oscars, Verizon is now highlighting the stories of real customers and real stories. Several different vignettes will focus on how different customers, from diverse backgrounds, rely on the network for the important moments in their lives.

People featured include a truck driver who is always traveling for weeks at a time and who relies on the network to keep in touch with his kids; a customer who had a major accident in the middle of the woods and was able to get a connection to call for help; and a wife whose husband was in the military and on deployment, yet she was able to call her him and livestream their son’s birth so he wouldn’t miss it.

Verizon was able to tap into its base of 130 million customers and why they chose Verizon rather than letting a spokesperson do the talking.

While McCann led the campaign creation, the Community helped with the Hispanic market. During the Oscars, Verizon will run two Spanish-speaking spots with no subtitles.


Agencies: McCann, The Community

Client: Verizon