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Tourism is the main source of income for the Dominican Republic, and while the country saw more than 5.5 million tourists in 2017, the majority of them flocked to the same three destinations: Punta Cana, Bávaro and La Romana beaches.

The Dominican Republic, however, has over 200 beaches, each of them with a unique and pristine beauty. The concentration of tourists flowing to only a fraction of the coastline was preventing development in other zones of the island.

McCann Santo Domingo partnered with Sweet Memories travel agency to promote the less-visited locations on the island. They wanted to show tourists, who are looking to find unspoiled white sand and blue water, just how many beautiful variations of those two assets could be found on the island.

McCann collected sand and water from each of the 200 beaches, creating a geolocated catalog of every beach on the island and its unique color signature of sand and water. It became a coastal Pantone of the entire country.


Agency: McCann Santo Domingo

Campaign name: Beach Colors RD

CCO: Alvaro Noboa S.

General creative directors: Freddy Alfau and Héctor Chiang

Creatives: Francisco Ulloa, José Jiménez, Eliu Bueno, Hans Daniel, Lorena Henríquez and Juan Mota

Designers: Carlos Ruiz, Alvin Sánchez, Gabriel Jiménez, Sthepany Peña and Lydia Pérez.

Artists: Wylly Gómez and Molly Paulino

Programming: Raul Matos

Production director: Arlety Jiménez

Client service: Johanna Henríquez

Social media team: Eduardo Berges and Debbie de Castro

Production company: Cratf

Client approval: Ana Jhasmer Mercado Figueroa