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US Army National Guard: Stand Tall for Your Community by McCann NY

Agency: McCann NY
Date: Apr 2019
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The campaign from McCann New York for the US Army National Guard, ‘Hometown Heroes,’ takes a cinematic approach to show prospective recruits that soldiers in the National Guard have the opportunity to serve by fighting increasingly dangerous enemies here at home – natural disasters.

The two spots, ‘Fire’ and ‘Flood,’ open to look like a trailer for a video game or movie. It’s then revealed that, in fact, what we’re witnessing is a demonstration of the US Army National Guard at work. With ‘Fire’ we see soldiers battling the growing danger of a wildfire in Butte Country, California, saving families and protecting their community from danger. In ‘Flood’ the National Guard is seen using night vision goggles and inflatable boats in a flooded Houston, dramatically rescuing a family trapped on their roof in the rain in the middle of a massive flood.

The campaign features actual US Army National Guard Soldiers demonstrating the jobs they do while they simultaneously maintaining careers, families and even going to school.


Agency: McCann New York

Client: US Army National Guard


Sean Bryan/McCann New York Co-Chief Creative Officer

Tom Murphy/McCann New York Co-Chief Creative Officer

David Banta/McCann New York Executive Creative Director

Sherrod Melvin/ McCann New York Group Creative Director/Art Director

Josh Grossberg/McCann New York Group Creative Director/Copywriter

Nathy Aviram/McCann New York Chief Production Officer

James Lawson/McCann New York Producer


Lisa Nocella/McCann New York Executive Account Director

Jessica Schroer/McCann New York Field Marketing Director

Erika Vikse/MRM New York Management Supervisor

Phil DeMuro/MRM McCann New York Account Executive

Rachel Zambernardi/MRM//McCann New York Assistant Account Executive


Mike Medieros/McCann New York Executive Strategy Director

Claire Stewart/McCann New York Senior Strategist


Lt. Colonel Steven Warren/Army National Guard Marketing Branch Chief

Shawn Stone/Army National Guard Marketing Integration Specialist


Patrick Milling Smith/Smuggler Executive Producer

Allison Kunzman/Smuggler Executive Producer

Henry Alex Rubin/Smuggler Director

Leah Allina/Smuggler Producer


Erica Thompson/Work Editorial Executive Producer

Kyle Valenta/Work Editorial Editor


Murray Bulter/Framestore Executive Creative Director

Nick Fraser/Framestore Senior Producer

Karch Coon/Framestore Compositor

Tim Masick/Company 3Colorist


JSM Music

Joel Simon – CEO/CCO Co-Composer

Jeff Fiorello – Executive Producer

Sean Hayden – Co-Composer

Jason Krebs – Co-Composer

Norm Felker/Andrew Manning - Producers

Sound Mix: Sonic Union

Mixer: Paul Weiss