Client: MasterCard
Date: Feb 2018
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The campaign ‘Start Something Priceless’ highlights the important role music can play in people’s lives.

McCann collaborated with award-winning composer and 2012 Olympic Music Director, David Arnold and a beautiful 24-piece orchestra to create a piece of music that could break down the walls between people and bring them together.

People were sought out, whose relationships had fallen apart, some of whom had not seen or spoken to one another in years. They were then placed in a specially constructed Listening Room, designed to separate them by a single sheet of glass whilst bringing them face to face without distractions. Asked to simply sit and look at each other, the specially composed track was then played to them through headphones.

Slowly but surely the emotionally-driven music unravelled each couple as they quickly relinquished any feelings of resentment. The dividing plate of glass was then removed – bringing the couples back together, embracing each other and starting a conversation.


Chad Warner – integrated creative director

John Wilds – copywriter

Rupert De Paula – art director

Jaclyn Kaminski – account director

Gary Armitage - head of planning

James Appleby – strategist

Kate Modeland – managing partner

Kate Hindley – integrated account director

Emma Reitman – account manager

Alex Bishop – account executive

Ben Henley – project manager

Rob Smith – executive vice president

Production agency: Craft

Blake Claridge – director

Daniel Landin - director of photography

Sergio Lopez – head of integrated production

Zara Balfour – executive producer

Duncan Groves - producer

Rosanna Gouldman – production manager

Carat (Media)

Big Group (Social/ Digital)

Talker Tailor Trouble Maker (PR)