Calidda: Lima Talks by McCann Lima

Agency: McCann Lima
Client: Calidda
Date: Dec 2017
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McCann Lima worked with Peruvian gas company Calidda to produce ‘Lima Is Talking,’ an innovative project that collected actual air pollution to communicate the risks of automobile pollution and promote the benefits of natural gas in Lima, Peru, one of Latin America's most polluted cities.

The campaign wrote a message in pollution to local residents about how difficult it has become for it to breathe. The innovation came from a device attached to a prominent billboard location in one of Lima’s busiest traffic locations, which collected CO2 pollution from the atmosphere. The unit stored the CO2 gas, then processed it into a powder. In the transformation process from gas to powder, the powder acted as an ink and was manipulated to slowly write a message on the billboard, which began as a blank canvas.

After 15 days, the billboard broadcast the final message: “It takes me a lot to breathe.”


Client: Cálidda

Product: Natural Gas

Agency: McCann Lima

Creative EVPs: Mauricio Fernandez-Maldonado/ Christian Caldwell

Creative Directors: Javier Delgado/ Giovanni Macco

Creative team: Carlos Banda/ Fernando Valladares/ Gonzalo Buendía/ Christian Rojas

Account team: Juan Camilo Correa/ Viviana Exebio/ Raquel Lopez

Production: Alonso Palomino/ Sebastián Salinas

Planning team: Rodrigo Revoredo/ Carlos José Romero

Production implementation: Petty Publicidad

Production house: Saturno

Film Director: Álvaro Luque

Director assistant: Carlos Soto

Executive producer: Cocler Díaz

Production: Mariajosé Castratt

Client approval: Claudia Doig/ Angela Pegam/ María Isabel Baca.

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