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Chevrolet: Holiday Ride by McCann

Agency: McCann
Client: Chevrolet
Date: Dec 2021
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Iconic American car manufacture Chevrolet, alongside ad agency McCann, has premiered a heartfelt holiday spot centered around love, redemption and restoration.

Based on true events, ‘Holiday Ride’ opens with some downbeat guitar chords as we see an older man try to get into the Christmas spirit by hanging up a wreath on his door. As he makes his way to his car garage, viewers see a dusty 1966 Chevy Impala, and as the main character sits inside it he if flooded with memories of his late wife.

Noticing that her Dad is feeling reflective, his daughter speaks to local mechanics to see if they are able to restore the classic car. They secretly get to work on the project and when the father is presented with the gleaming restored car he notes that it is the ‘best Christmas gift I could ever have'.

The 4-minute-long video was the product of three Academy Award winners: Tom Hooper, a famed director whose work includes The King’s Speech and The Danish Girl, composer Rachel Portman OBE and cinematographer by Claudio Miranda.


Steve Hill – VP, Chevrolet

Steve Majoros – VP, US Marketing, Chevrolet

Anthony Johnson – Chevrolet Cars & Crossovers Marketing Director

Todd Brown – Manager, Chevrolet Brand Strategy, Adjacencies, and Diversity

Jaclyn Vanderheyden – Assistant Manager, Chevrolet Brand Strategy, Adjacencies, Diversity, Malibu and Spark

Rachel Hutton – GM Legal

Erica Price – GM Legal


Matt Canzano – Chief Creative Officer – Global Markets

Gary Pascoe – Chief Creative Officer – North America

Grant Theron – CEO, Commonwealth//McCann

Nick Allen – Creative Director

Annie Zack – Associate Creative Director

Miya Petrovic – Director, Creative Operations

Jeff Beverly – EVP, Global Director of Content

Paul Renusch – Director of Broadcast Production

Kelly Balagna – Executive Producer

Chris Ott – Freelance Producer

Julie Daniels – Group Account Director

Molly Fox – Account Director

Julie Peterhans – Associate Director – Business Management

Vanessa Smith – Senior Business Manager

Stacy Swann – Associate Director -Talent Affairs

Jennifer Hopkins – Talent Affairs Manager

Jeanette Foy – Associate Director, Global Legal Compliance

Tania Bennett – Legal Clearance Manager

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