Date: Aug 2021
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The Voice Newspaper, Britain’s only black newspaper, has launched a campaign to boost the completion of the Black British Voices project – the first-ever comprehensive national inquiry into the Black British experience, developed in partnership with the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and consultancy group I-Cubed. The push was created in collaboration with M&C Saatchi.

While thousands have taken to the streets across the UK as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, The Voice Newspaper, and Cambridge University recognized that we still lack the relevant government policies to create meaningful change for Black communities. With this in mind, and with Black Britons largely unrepresented in many facets of UK life, they came together to develop the Black British Voices project, with the aim of better understanding the Black British experience and influencing change in key areas.

In order to encourage Black British people to complete the survey, The Voice Newspaper has worked with M&C Saatchi to develop an impactful campaign, 'Tick it to change it'.

M&C Saatchi developed the strategy for the push-based on focus group research run by The Voice and Cambridge University. Speaking to Black people from a wide range of backgrounds, it emerged that most participants felt a need for greater positivity around creating change, as well as a desire for collective action, with a call for Black Britons to come together to bring about change.

The resulting campaign taps into these ideas with the concept 'Tick it to change it'. The work asks Black communities the question: Can we write our own Black British narrative? before inviting people to complete the Black British Voices study as a means to bringing about meaningful change.


The Voice Newspaper- client

Paula Dyke - Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs & Communications

Cambridge University – client

M&C Saatchi - creative agency

Jacob Colman - Strategist

Jide Olaofe – Account Manager

Alice Burrell – Business Director

Annabel Mackie – Managing Partner

Ben Golik – Chief Creative Officer

Becky Brice - Junior Creative

Sara Mullane - Junior Creative