Agency: Marmite UK
Client: Marmite
Date: Mar 2016
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Marmite, the iconic British brand from Unilever UK, is exciting shoppers with the launch of a new on pack promotion across its 250g jars, offering consumers the chance to receive a free Marmite egg cup with every purchase – available from 7 March.

The new Mighty Marmite on pack promotion, available across most major supermarkets, allows consumers to receive a free limited edition superhero-themed egg cup by logging into a dedicated microsite and entering a unique code from their jar.

Marmite are confident that the superhero themed egg cups will remind people how the savoury spread, rich in B Vitamins, is guaranteed to give breakfasts a kick.

The on pack promotion, which taps into the popular breakfast occasion, will see ‘Marmighty’ emblazoned on the front of all jars as well as information about the giveaway and how customers can redeem their free egg cup.