Agency: Madwell
Client: Visible
Date: Mar 2021
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Visible, the first digital-only wireless service in the US, has teamed up with Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actor Kevin Bacon to debut '12 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.'

The campaign makes comedic reference to the adage that anyone on Earth can be linked back to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less, while featuring Bacon relaxing in his pool.

The spot highlights the significant savings customers can earnwhen they switch to Visible: Bring one friend, get one month for $5, but bring 12 friends, and get 12 months of service for just $60. Together, Bacon and Visible are taking the well-known“six degrees of Kevin Bacon” phenomenon one step further, evolving the concept to bring theaudience in on the joke – and the savings. The satirical ad shows Kevin inviting his wide-ranging network of friends, including everyone from his dentist to Michael Gross, his co-starfrom the 90s classic, Tremors.