Date: Dec 2020
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Set up by Richard Curtis, Make My Money Matter is a campaign that demands the trillions of pounds that are invested in UK pensions goes towards building a better world. This Christmas, it has enlisted the help of Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter) to raise awareness. He plays Guy Burne-Wood - a chief exec of a ficticious company, aptly named Forestry Felling Syndicate (FFS).

Why? To encourage people to contemplate where they are investing their pensions, which are being used to fund businesses that are destroying natural habitats.

"I want to thank people like you, for collectively investing hundreds of millions with us. Your pension funds, no matter how piddly, all add up," Burne-Wood says to the camera, against a festive backdrop. "And with all your cash, we've been able to destroy most natural habitat than we ever thought possible."

The campaign points viewers in the direction of a petition, that urges the pensions industry to commit to Net Zero targets and deforestation free portfolios.