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Frankie & Benny's: Meat Loaf would do anything for veg by Lucky Generals

Date: Jan 2020
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Italian restaurant chain Frankie & Benny’s has subverted the inescapable barrage of vegan marketing stunts with a humourous spot featuring an increasingly enraged Meat Loaf refusing a veggie rebrand.

It shows Frankie & Benny’s sleek PR team pitch the artist with a hair-brained scheme to change his name to ‘Veg Loaf’ all to underline its new vegan menus. Adding to the magic, this emulates the original pitch to the artist, he wouldn’t change his name, so that then became the focus of the spot.

The work, from recently launched PR agency Idea Farm worked with Lucky Generals to deliver the spot with the classic rock musician.


Lucky Generals

Idea Farm

Frankie & Benny's