Client: Amazon
Date: Jan 2018
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London agency Lucky Generals created its first ever Super Bowl spot with a star-laden ad that features Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – in partnership with D1, Amazon’s in-house creative unit.

The 90-second spot shows a woman at home asks Alexa for the weather, but Alexa coughs and dries up. Cut to Amazon HQ, where the urgent news is flooding in and a concerned Bezos is unconvincingly reassured by an aide that the situation is under control and that they have stand-ins at the ready.

Those stand-ins include a star-studded cast – Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins – trying, and spectacularly failing, to replace Alexa. Ramsay berates a man asking Alexa how to make a grilled cheese while Cardi B wonders why anyone would want to go to Mars after a teen asks how far it is to the planet. Wilson, in a sudsy tub, talks dirty to a man who has asked Alexa to set the mood at his dinner party, and Hopkins, lounging in a yard with peacocks all around, tells a woman who is trying to call her boyfriend that he’s unavailable.

As the camera pulls away from Hopkins, the real Amazon Alexa voice returns, reassuring that she’s back – set to Carly Simon’s Bond theme, ‘Nobody does it better’.


Brand: Amazon Alexa

Creative agency: Lucky Generals

Media agency: Initiative

Director: Wayne McClammy

Production Company: Hungry Man

Editor: Christian Jordan @ Rock Paper Scissors

Post-production: The Mill

Audio post-production: Beacon Street Studios