Los York Label: Los York Label by Los York

Agency: Los York
Date: Dec 2017
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Fostering multi-disciplinarians, breaking down the siloed creative process, and celebrating its makers as artists, agency Los York has pursued the unchanging goal of evoking a visceral 'holy shit' reaction across each of their creative endeavors.

Its latest creative endeavor, Los York Label, is a new apparel line for the modern creative nomad, and the latest expression of the company's vision as it bursts into new industries. Inspired by street fashion and 'culture of cool' disciplines, Los York Label promotes like-minded artists and multi-disciplinarians, the Global Nomads of the Arts.

Los York Label arose out of propaganda and swag created as part of Los York, the Creative Agency.

Los York sources its apparel from companies who use localized manufacturing and recycled/organic textiles. Its tees are made in a California factory where fabrics can be traced to the farm, its embroidery is sewn by local businesses in LA, and its printing is all done out of Orange County. Los York Label's design is rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices, incorporating organic and recycled materials wherever possible.


Directed by: Seth Epstein & Lindsey Byrnes

DP: Yash Bhatt

Music by: Jimek

Edited by: Josh Hegard, Ryan Delk

Produced by: Alicia Cargile

Color: RCO

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