Date: Jul 2021
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A play on the phrase 'do good', Duguud is a new consumer ethical investment brand, that works as a trading name for fund management firm Amberside Capital.

To get the work out, it teamed up with London Advertising on a multimillion-pound ad campaign to communicate that it 'only invests in companies that do good'.

“Millions of people want to invest in companies that do good, but the industry has been talking to itself using jargon people don’t understand and failing to gain their trust,” explains David Scrivens, chief exec of Duguud. “We want to redefine the sector and make it possible for many more people to invest in it.”

Adding to this, David Pickles, its head of marketing said: “The industry loves using phrases like ‘Impact Investing’, but our research by Kantar published today shows that just 10% of people have ever heard of it and can explain what it means. Yet when it’s explained to them 60% agree it can create positive change in the environment and society for the UK economy and three times more people agree than disagree that if they had funds to invest, they would want to invest in this area.”

“To cut through the jargon, we named the brand Duguud,” explains Michael Moszynski, chief exec of London Advertising.

“To make it accessible to everyone, we created advertising that is simple, stands out and ensures people will remember the name of the brand. To drive rapid brand awareness, we are running it in refreshingly old-fashioned broadcast media.”

The campaign will be the agency’s largest since it opened its doors in 2008 and is backed by a multi-million spend between July and October on national TV, Outdoor, Print, Online and Sponsorship.

The creative is centred around the Duguud logo made out of images of the types of companies it will invest in, along with the line 'we only invest in companies that do good'.