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Aer Lingus: Aer Lingus branding by Lippincott

Agency: Lippincott
Client: Aer Lingus
Date: Jan 2019
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Aer Lingus has unveiled a refreshed brand with updated logo and new aircraft livery, reflecting the airline’s position as a modern and contemporary Irish brand that competes on the international stage. The new brand identity supports Aer Lingus’ ambition to be the leading value carrier across the North Atlantic, according to a release.

The new logo retains but restyles the iconic shamrock, adding a tilt to symbolise dynamism and speed, with heart-shaped leaves reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the brand. Guests will see four shamrocks on the new Aer Lingus aircraft livery. The first is within the new logo, the second sits on the tailfin, a third welcomes guests at the door, and a final surprise on the wingtip is in prime position for capturing on social media.

Aer Lingus tasked creative consultancy Lippincott with creating a brand that would reflect the radically different airline it had become, yet preserve the emotional bond with Ireland that it has always had. So, the agency sought to affirm the airline’s position domestically by embodying the spirit of modern Ireland, while demanding reconsideration among new audiences to support the airline’s ambition of being the leading value carrier across the North Atlantic.

The Aer Lingus logo font has changed to ‘diodrum’ and the dominant colour is teal. The body of the new look Aer Lingus aircraft will be white with a teal-coloured tail and engines, bringing a sleek, contemporary feel to the design. The teal undercarriage means that Aer Lingus will be instantly recognisable to those on the ground. The brand refresh is being rolled out today (17 January) across all brand platforms, with a new website design and new app design. It will be visible across all guest touchpoints, from check-in to boarding gate and on to the aircraft. More than 50 shamrock designs were considered as part of the brand refresh process.


Agency: Lippincott

Client: Aer Lingus