Client: Dashlane
Date: Jan 2020
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Highlighting the tension of when an everyday problem becomes an existential one, the spot from first-timer Dashlane contrasts mythic imagery with a mundane irritation: forgetting your password at the worst possible time. In the spot, a man is seen crossing into the afterlife, but when asked for his password and other simple questions, he draws a blank every time.

The soundstage that serves as the river Styx is the same used to shoot The Truman Show. The spot was developed by creative agency Lightning Orchard in conjunction with Dashlane.

Chief marketing officer Joy Howard (former CMO of Lyft, Sonos, Patagonia) said: “Debuting during this big moment is a huge milestone for any company so our creative really had to shine. Dashlane is a tech company completely going against the grain of the industry — we want consumers in control, not companies — so it was important for our game-time ad to stand out too. Everybody knows how painful it is to forget your password; we took that to the extreme.”

Chief executive officer Emmanuel Schalit said: “This is a great opportunity to lift our brand power with existing customers, boost our reach, and get new markets excited about what Dashlane is doing. A darkly humorous ad is the perfect jump start for a serious conversation around digital identity protection.”



Lightning Orchard